Sunday, February 06, 2005


Walking through the mall tonight, with the AtHomeFam, when TBL and I both noticed a guy wearing a black t-shirt who was standing at a sunglasses kiosk.

The lettering on his shirt took up the entire back of the shirt and each letter was about 6 inches tall. A couple of the letters were blocked with masking tape. But it was obvious what the shirt said. The shirt read:


(Insert your favorite four letter curse work in place of the asterisks. Naah, you need to brush up on your curses. It was worse than that.)

It was like a train wreck. I could not stop watching this guy. I really wanted to see it if the skies were going to open up and shoot a bolt of lightning through hishead, right out there in front of The Disney Store.

Good thing The Talker can't read yet. It would not have been nice of me to say "Go ask your mommy." if he had asked "What does **** mean?"

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SparkyDiva said...

that's incredibly sad.