Sunday, October 31, 2004

ADHDaddy is Getting Tired of Advice

Over at AtHomeDaddy, you might have seen the following post, Getting a Response.

The more I think about this woman telling me how to treat my kids, the more ticked off I get. I am pretty sure that dads get a lot more advice about parenting from strangers that moms do. I know this is true in our house. Several times I have gotten unnecessary and unwanted advice from moms "looking to help".

I guess dads just laugh at other dads who look more clueless than themselves. (I know I do!) Next time, I think I'll handle it more directly.

Let's see, how do you spell "Shut up and back-off bitch?" And is back-off hyphenated?

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The PIAs Strike Again

The PIAs are trying out some new tricks to piss off the neighborhood. Well, truthfully, they are not trying out anything new, they are just out to completely tick off everyone around.

They actually toilet-papered a neighbor's house last weekend, after she called the cops during their last beer-bash. While trashing her yard, they also smashed her pumpkins in the street.

Though they made a mess, they did do a few things right. First off, they got her wrapped right before a rain storm. Nice touch! But mostly, The PIAs were smart because they stayed out of our yard. Wise choice.

I really would hate to do jail time because some moron trashed my yard and wrapped my trees with toilet paper. But, if it had been necessary...

Monday, October 25, 2004

I'll Give You Two Guesses

How long do you think it takes inkjet ink to move through the GI tract of a six month old.

Answer: About 15 minutes

What do you think that mess is gonna look like when it gets through her digestive system?

Answer: Nope. Not even close. It will be MUCH, much worse than that! It was disgusting. Possibly one of the worst diapers I have ever changed. AND THAT is saying something!

Yep, something disgusting.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Another Football Win, Another Missed Party

I imagine the PIAs were at it again last night, celebrating another win. We did not notice, thanks to the never-ending birthday party. I am sure it is not because they were quiet. That will not happen until they all flunk out and have to move home with mommy. Hopefully, that WILL happen, SOON.

Monday, October 04, 2004

I Hate Getting Left Out

The Pi Iota Alphas had another party Saturday night. Unfortunately, it never got loud enough for us to notice. Several of the neighbors were complaining about the noise, and the cops were even called, again.

We never knew anything was going on. Damn.

Now I have to wait until the next PIA gathering to try out KB's winner idea.

What a shame, because I already have the padlock, so I am ready to go...

Friday, October 01, 2004

True Confessions

Yes, AtHomeDaddy did turn on the TV for the Talker at 11:00, so that The Princess could be rocked to sleep.

Yes, it is 12:51, right now and the Talker is still glued to the TV.

But The Princess is still asleep, and the living room and kitchen floors are mopped and the living room has been re-arranged.

Yeah, quality parenting, I know, but the house smells better, too!

Well, The Princess just woke up and it is time for The Talker to take his nap. Man, I just love the days that naps do not overlap. Sigh.

But at least the floors are clean and that funky smell is gone...