Thursday, March 31, 2005

Too much sleep, can't function...

The Boss Lady has worked rally hard in the past couple of weeks to get The Princess on a better sleep schedule. Life is sweet, now that the girl creature is in her bed, AND not screaming half of the night.

The only problem is that I seem to be back on a night-time schedule. I did my damnedest to sleep right through the screaming and crying, but now that the house is quiet, I can't seem to settle down to sleep. And I can't get moving in the morning, either (since I am up half of the night, looking up truck stuff on the 'net).

Somebody wanna come over and scream me a lullaby in my ear?

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Is it possible

That your brain could actually explode because you have listened to a three-year-old whine too much? I think I might be headed for an aneurysm if this boy does not get house-broken soon.

The dogs were house trained when we got them. The cats figured it out pretty quick. But The Talker? He just ain't getting it. And it makes him whine.

And that makes me whine.

And that makes The Boss Lady whine.

And then the baby whines.

What a fun afternoon. Wanna come over?

Saturday, March 12, 2005

I dont wanna

I am turning in my 'Adult Membership Card". I don't wanna be one anymore. Being an adult sucks. I quit.

Having to be the adult isn't fun anymore. I'm done.

Hell, I wasn't even a very good adult. I have always been whiney and bitchy, so maybe I wan't meant to be grown up. I think three years old sounds good to me right now.

So I'm going to take my nap now.