Saturday, February 12, 2005

Keep Your #@(*#) Cookies!

ADHDaddy is really sick of little girls hawking cookies all over town. And just because you happen to recognize me from playgroups at the park, does not mean I am going to fork over $3 just because you kids are blocking the door to the auto parts store.

If I am hanging out at the parts store, on a Saturday afternoon, don't you think maybe my cash is already spoken for? Go set up your tables at the Jaguar dealership. And put a coat on those kids. It is cold and raining out there.

Besides that, we bought an entire case of cookies last week. Right before we bought a treadmill.


Chip said...

LOL! Last time we got hit up we ended up buying a case. And we don't have a treadmill. And it's too cold and snowy to exercise outside. Thanks ADHD for expressing what we're really feeling but are too nice to say...

Mike said...

Truly, I loves me some of those cookies with the chocolate and the caramel and coconut.

MMMMM, Yummy.

Justa Dad said...

No, that wasn't us at the auto parts store. We only harassed family members, and next door neighbors. And yes, years ago I felt as you do, about little girls guilting me into buying cookies.

But, this year I‘m finding they make a special “Crow” flavored cookie just for Dads like me.