Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Time for a Rant

This morning, to escape the rain, we headed out to run a couple of errands. While we were out, AtHomeDaddy decided to let The Talker burn off some energy by running through the mall. While there, the boy wanted to go upstairs, so we headed to into a department store to use the elevator.

Walking through the glass/china section with The Talker and pushing The Princess in the stroller, I stopped to ask a staff member "Where is the elevator?"

Witch, no joke, it was on her nametag, asked me "Why?" and walked away. As she walked off, I told The Talker loudly, "Run wild while I look for the elevator...I'll be back" Not surprisingly, another staff member was there quickly to give me some directions to the elevator. Witch never even looked back.

Ok, maybe her nametag said, Samantha, but I am sure she was a witch.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Google Ads

I noticed that the most common banner ads for this site are for paint websites. On AtHomeDaddy, the ads are for lightbulbs. I know Google has software that pulls keyword to match ads to your site, so I wonder what happens if I just enter a bunch of useless keywords?

Toyota Camry
Monty Python
Microwave repair
Fish hooks
Disney Channel

We will see...

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Doom 3

Doom 3. TBL may need to wait a while to go back to work this August. Seems that I might need a week or two of free time once Doom 3 comes out to kick it's butt. Too bad my navigator is out in LA.

JB, wanna help me beat up another computer game? C'mon remember the Week of Doom? The virtigo, the Dr Pepper on the keyboard? Good times.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Auto Painting 101

The Boss Lady is getting her car painted. The clearcoat broke through on the roof and hood earlier in the year and now the black paint job looks awful. In the process of getting the car ready to paint, AtHomeDaddy priced having 4 pieces of trim replaced, one on each door - just under the window. $300 installed! $300 for 44 inches of black plastic glued to rolled aluminum.

TBL challenged AHD to find a cheaper fix for the door, so out came the paper, tape, primer and black spray paint and off came the plastic trim The newly painted trim actually looks decent. We shall see how well it holds up through the painting and afterwards.

For the $6 spent, AHD could touch up the painted trim every other weekend for almost two years and break even. Hopefully by then someone else will be trying to figure out why this stuff was painted and not replaced. But in the end, it is still an Escort Station Wagon, no matter how much trim or paint!

Friday, June 18, 2004

TBL's Daddy in trouble

First, he gave me my road bike, then I went crazy riding all the time. Now he has passed on his freshwater fishing gear. Since he lives on the ocean, he is no longer needs this gear, so here I am.

Rick Clunn Signature Series Baitcast Reel and Rod ComboThis is the rod/reel combo I brought home. Nice! Now I just have to land a quality bass. Don't know who Rick Clunn is, but if you read this Rick Clunn, will you take me fishing!

TBL's Daddy might want to go too!

Initials in use

AtHomeDaddy declareth:

Initals are now in effect on ADHDaddy. If you don't know who AHD is referring to, then check AtHomeDaddy.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Wanted Dead or Alive: DVD Guy

Anyone know the guy who programs previews to run before the feature on kids dvds? I want his address. I hope someone catches him and ties him to a hard, straight back chair and makes him watch an endless loop of RubbaDubber's previews.

When he is really trying to push me over the edge, he programs the previews so you can't even fast forward through, like the FBI/INTERPOL warnings at the beginning.

He Hate Me!

Sunday, June 13, 2004

National Lampoon's A Contemporary Guide for Stay at Home Dads

A Contemporary Guide for Stay at Home Dad's

The funniest part, is they have it just about right!

Movie Night!

The Life of Brian to challenge Passion. Driving to church, I noticed that Monty Python's The Life of Brian is showing at the cinema down the street. I think I will sneak out some night this week and go see it after the kids are settled for the evening. Does going to movies alone make you a loser?

Actually, I just can't decide if I should go see The Passion of the Christ before. Maybe I should find a cinema showing both.

I am a freaking moron

I have been brushing up on html tags to add links to this site and to AtHomeDaddy. Now I realize that there is a button to write the &%$#*!? tag for me. Found it right after I finally figured out how to write them again!

And then I kept getting an error trying to post this gripe. Ended up with 10 copies of the same post!


Workshop time

I have not been out in the workshop/garage/laundry room/crap pile in a long while. I need to make a couple of cars for up coming birthdays.

Hopefully I can hide while everyone else enjoys naptime either today or after The Boss Lady gets a couple of weeks off starting Tuesday. (Had to throw that in to make the other SAHD's jealous!)

I think the 1 year old neighbor will get a couple of push cars, but the older kids are going to get the "Homer" trucks - as The Talker has named my SUV toy.

Friday, June 11, 2004

No Comments

I disabled the comments on this site because I don't want you clowns telling me that I am a liar and that I talk too much. We all know and it is my blog, so go get your own blog and talk bad about me over there.

Email posting!

I am trying to figure out this email posting thing, so that I can more easily annoy you, by posting easily anytime I am near an internet connection. Hope it works

Thursday, June 10, 2004

The Princess

says shots suck!


I changed 18 diapers yesterday. May not sound like a lot, but that works out to more than 2 per hour if you take out sleep time for The Princess and The Talker. One diaper every 25 minutes.

Yes, I do have time to think about these things. No I did not need a calculator to figure out how many diapers per hour I changed!*

I hope The Talker decides to be house-broken soon!

*No guarantee that my calculations are correct. If you want the truth, go watch Fox News or CNN. Watch 'em both at the same time and see if your liberal side can beat up your conservative side...

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Welcome to ADHDaddy

I decided that this was a great title for a blog, so I had to grab it. I don't know what I will do with it, but we shall see...

I promise, it won't get too bad, or The Boss Lady will make me go get a job...