Friday, September 22, 2006

Oh yeah, I just remembered one...

A while back I blogged about our anonymous caller. Well, they must have given up finally.

But now I have a frequent visitor on my cell phone. Actually, I have three of them. One is constantly calling and asking for Francis. And two others are automated sales calls.

So now I am down to screening my cell calls. Voice mail can talk to the chick looking for Francis. 'Cause I am done. The automated voices don't leave messages.

But it is getting better now. Turns out you can assign a specific ringer action to selected callers and callers who do not disclose Caller ID info. In this case, all of these calls are set to not ring. And now that I know how to set that feature, any callers I don't want deal with will get the same treatment.


Here whiner whiner

I guess I have had nothing to whine about in a while. I was checking my blog roll on AtHomeDaddy for any sites that have not been updated in a while.

This was one of the worst offenders but I can't really delete one of my own blogs from my blog roll can I? That just feels wrong.

So here I am. And now I am leaving.

But I promise I'll bitch and whine more regularly in the future.