Thursday, August 31, 2006

The worst $5 I ever earned

A couple of weeks back I opened a piece of junk mail that had a brand new $1 bill in it. Then a couple of days later, the calls started. Arbitron cared what I thought about our local radio stations. So I agreed to participate by logging the different stations and times that I listened to for a week.

Then they mailed me the forms and called to say that they had mailed the forms, with a couple of bucks tucked inside. I got the forms and they called to ask if I had gotten the forms. Another letter arrived a couple of days later, with another set of crisp bills included. The scheduled date arrived for me to start recording on the forms. And they called to tell me that. A few days later, another call to make sure we were keeping up with the logging.

Wednesday I finished and dropped everything in the mail. Since then, two more calls, but no more dollar bills. So Arbitron is officially cut off. I refuse to answer any more questions about my radio habits.

Unless they start sending me more nice clean dollar bills. Heck, for a ten spot I'll even tell them what I think of your radio listening habits. But I am not answering their calls next time.