Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Where is the rest of my dishwasher?

I think we got shortchanged when we bought our dishwasher a couple of years ago. It must be the smallest capacity dishwasher in the world.

Why else would I be running it for the THIRD time today? We did not even eat lunch here. And why did we use 5 pans to cook dinner? It was spaghetti. Who needs 5 pots to make spaghetti?


Chip said...

I hope at least that you waited and let the spaghetti get all dried out and glued to the pot, so you get that wonderful feeling of trying to scrape the dried, stuck-on spaghetti off of the pot with you fingernail only to have the spaghetti slide up under your fingernail...

Mike said...

Hell no. Dishwashing is where I am most a man.

Off of teh stove into the machine. Rinsing? For saps and suckers.

Scraping? No way, we just runit through again and again. Eventually the baked on crud will go away.

And pre-soaking? pre-soaking is one of the greatest myths perpetrated on the American people since