Sunday, July 25, 2004

Mommy's Day Out

A bunch of the stay at home mommies from our church group are taking their kids to the Children's museum Monday morning. The AtHomeTrio is thinking about crashing that party instead of haning out with the dad's group tommorrow.

The Boss Lady and I have been taking an informal poll to see which of the mommies would be the most scared by the AtHomeDaddy method of child-rearing. Update soon.

Side note:

After hearing about a teen who is now taking anti-depressant meds, AtHomeDady came up with a name for a drug. I should trademark it before revealing it, but I trust you...

Can't you see your neighborhood hoodlum teenager taking a 500 milligram dose of Dopatien (Pronounced - Dope-a-teen). There are several around here who could use a larger dose! I better get in touch with Pfizer.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Nothing Lately

To gripe about. Doesn't that suck?

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Wierdest Family Ever

Met (sort of) the oddest people on the face of the earth this week at the campground. The Talker rides his bike up to a kid from the next site and asks me "What his name is?" The little boy tells us "I don't tell my name to strangers..."

OK, no problem there. Teaching kids stranger safety. Good idea.

But then the mother comes walking up to the three of us and asks The Other Boy "Did you tell them your name?"

He responds, "No".

She finishes with "Good" and then they walk away.

Freaky. AtHomeDaddy will be watching AMW and checking milk cartons for pics of this family.