Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Rain Sucks

So after building the playscape in time for The Talker's birthday party, and completely reworking the backyard, it looks like it will be raining during his party. Yeah!

And if it is not raining, it is supposed to be 45 degrees. Double Yeah!

Or best of all, it might even be raining AND cold! And won't that be fun.

Stupid January weather. This is Texas. It is supposed to be 85 degrees and sunny as Hell in January. Somebody better do something about it, quick!


Chip said...

You think rain sucks! Imagine living in the snow belt and having two kids with winter birthdays! A few times we've postponed the parties six months so we could do an outdoor party. But all too often we've done indoor parties, which as you know are exhausting in a way outdoor ones are not.

Mike said...

Yeah, our plan was to push the party forward 6 months, into the summer if the weather was too bad. Which would make it fall on MY birthday.

And I have not had a good party since I was 21. I think it was a good party.

Mike said...

And snow, once every five years is fine with me.