Monday, August 23, 2004


This does not really belong on 'The Dark Side', but it needs a mention somewhere, so here it is:

This is the coolest use of a blog that I have seen, yet. It is helping improve my vocabulary a whole whole whole whole whole whole lot.

Link to be added to the sidebar soon.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Olympics Coverage

Being home last week, The Talker and I got to watch a lot of Olympics coverage. Cool! Today though, I had to cover the boy's ears during a Water Polo match because the commentator was the dumbest man alive and I did not want my son hearing the idiocy.

The commentator was talking about how much the USA Men's Water Polo team has traveled in the past year. He said something to the effect of 'They have played on every continent in the past year'.

'Impressive, I did not know there was a pool in Antartica. Bet it is indoors and heated', was what I was thinking.

The commentator tried his best to rescind the stupidity, but only made it worse.

He said "Excepting of course, Arctica and Antartica"

Well, of course they have not played in Arctica?!? They could not find the @#*&ing place. Cause it isn't a place.

I hope that dude was not a geography major in college. Spent too much time in the pool and the chlorine rotted his brain.

Beatin' the Matrix Part II

Holla at your boy! Thanks to Rick for sharing a little knowledge and helping me fight the good fight. The Blogger buttons are now all gone. Lemme see how long they stays gone.

They probably have rules in their TOS about not messing with the logos... I don't read that stuff, I just click agree. It's how I roll, I'm a rebel.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Beatin' the Matrix

Blogger replaced the Google text ads that I tried to confuse a while back - with a search bar above the title of my blogs last week. If you can see it still, let me know. I found a script online that removed the search bar, because it annoyed me and when I tried to do a search, it never works. I added it to the source code for this blog and AtHomeDaddy.

So for now, no ads, no search bar. Cool! I feel like a real rebel.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Fun with Pharmaceuticals

The AtHomeTrio went to the grocery store this morning. The pharmacy would not be open for 15 minutes, but AtHomeDaddy decided to wait to pick up a prescription. The photolab was also not officially opened, but that staff member took care of customers so they would not have to wait.

While we were waiting outside the gate, the cashier kept glaring at AtHomeDaddy. AHD is used to chicks checking him out when he is wearing The Princess like a Hip-Hopper's backpack, but this lady was not looking admiringly. She was already pissed and it was not even 9 AM.

When the pharmacy finally opened (a few minutes late), she had the balls to ask "Are you ready?"

I did not respond, but I wanted to say "What the #@(& do you think you @#^*ing @#(*)! Are you a @#(^ing moron, or what?"

Too bad I had my hip-hop baby on and The Talker was sitting right beside me in the race-cart, cause it would have been fun to shove those birth control pills right down that #@)%^'s throat so that she would never breed!

But hey, maybe it is just me. Maybe some of her regular customers think she is helpful and nice. (I bet they don't show up before 9 AM, though!)