Wednesday, September 22, 2004

World Record Pre-Teens

While taking The AtHomeKids for a walk this afternoon I witnessed one of the funniest things in a long time. Several of the older elementary aged kids down the street were huddled around a paperback book. When we came into view they scattered. Hmmm... what kind of book could that be, I wondered?

One of the braver, or dumber, kids decided to let me in on the joke. They had a copy of Guinness Book of World Records and they were trying to look up THE DIRTY ones.

Evidently they are not very good pervs, because the best they had found was a record for the most tattooed woman. He swore, though, that if you looked real close you could see....

No, I did not go tell their mothers. Yes, I do know who their mothers are. No, The Boss Lady will not be telling their mothers, either. If the mothers wanted to know, they would not be letting their boys have smut like that.


Anonymous said...

Boss Lady here. I just can't quit laughing at this one. You know, I get paid to rat kids out to their parents for a living. It sure is great to be in on a secret and have no ethical/professional requirement to be the bad guy. ADHDaddy--I guran-damn-tee it that they will let you in on all their secrets from here on out. Way to go!

Anonymous said...
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