Friday, September 03, 2004

Black Truck

There is someone in AtHomeDaddy's neighborhood that should do the world a favor and drive their black truck into a ravine and die.

We were out walking along the main road into the neighborhood. Dude drives at least 60 on the wrong side of the street to pass two cars. On a residential street. He got within 15 feet of The AtHomeTrio.

I have walked the neighborhood and I think I found him. The Alleged Dude lives in a rent house that has been taken over by frat boys. Time for AtHomeDaddy to explain his feelings about idiot drivers to this jerk. Hell, I think I'll throw in my feelings about frats for free! I'll keep looking for other black trucks, but for now he the prime Dude suspect.

If AtHomeDaddy disappears, just assume that the Dude/Frat re-education did not go smoothly and I had to haul some truck parts into the woods. It should work. The black parts will be easy to hide and there just happens to be a ravine close.

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