Friday, September 03, 2004

Black Truck Sighting

The AtHomeTrio was out walking when a black truck pulled down the street slowly, and then backed up. I thought maybe frat boys had been checking out the blog. How else could word get out so quickly that AtHomeDaddy now has a vendetta.

Luckily, he pulled into a driveway. Turns out this sighting was just a pizza delivery guy. Good thing, 'cause AtHomeDaddy has already gotten puked on today by The Talker. I don't need to get my butt kicked by a frat boy, too. That would likely be the end of my manhood.

Maybe another time, truck-boy.

PS - Don't you think it is kind of sad when you see someone delivering pizzas in a nice car? Here is an idea...Get a clunker to roll the pizzas to the neighborhood and save that ride...

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