Sunday, September 05, 2004

Got Any Good Ideas?

AtHomeDaddy needs to get rid of a few idiot frat boys. These insidious creatures invaded our neighborhood last year and they breed like @#(*&%* cockroaches. Celebrating a football win, they partied until at least 2:30 am. Yes, we live in a university town, but we do not live anywhere near the school. These guys moved in when a big house came up for rent.

I am bored with calling the police and going up there to remind them 'Shut the hell up, pretty please'. I know you guys are a lot more screwed up and creative than me, so bring me your best ideas. The closer your idea encroaches to a felony, the more attention it will receive.

C'mon, please. Comments are now open on this blog, just so you can share in the joy of wiping these worthless idiots off of the earth, or at least, pushing them closer to campus. Don't want to comment, you can always email AtHomeDaddy.

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Justa Dad said...


Ok, if they are in a fraternity, you could call the head of their Frat Alum and in a concerned voice use such phrases as:

Underage drinking
Possible DUI.
Destruction to private property.
Reckless driving, in the neighborhood where children play often. (This you’ve actually seen, the rest are just concerns that may, or may not be happening.) You can choose on how to present it.

Getting harassed by the police is a badge of honor, getting nailed by their alum hurts real bad.

Check with your neighbors, and remind them their property values are at stake here.

You might even speak with whoever owns the rent house.

Good luck!