Thursday, January 11, 2007

Scofflaw No More

A follow up to my last post, ScofflawDaddy :

I finally got someone to answer the phone this morning. Then they immediately put me on hold for 13 minutes. It was not going too well.

Once they came back to me, I told my sad story and the receptionist/phone answerer/secretary/clerk put me on hold again. Damn hold button.

She finally came back and said that the judge dismissed the $29 charge against me, since they have no idea how I would have ended up with a $29 charge anyways. And they took a little pity since I have a commercial driver's license, that I "must need for work".

No, I did not tell them that I have not used my commercial driver's license in years. But they did not ask. Whatever. $29 for less than a half hour of hassle this morning is a lot better money than I made at work, so I am HappyDaddy once more. Just please let me forget the other hour and a half I have invested in getting this taken care of.

Without getting Tasered.

1 comment:

Terry said...

Next time I get a ticket, I might need to use your commercial drivers license... The last ticket I got took similar attempts to resolve and I finally ended up driving 500 miles round trip to rectify it...(just so I wouldnt lose my commercial license).