Wednesday, January 10, 2007


That's right. I have run afoul of the law. Too bad it took 6 years and a couple of months for me to feel like a rebel.

I got a speeding ticket on November 14th, 1999. I remember it because later that same day, 11/14/1999, I got ANOTHER speeding ticket. I attended traffic school to keep the first one off of my driving record. And I could not do driving school for both tickets. I ended up paying the second.

Anyways, now Johnson County, Texas says that I still owe them $29 from that ticket. And if I don't pay up, they will send out a death squad. Or at least swear out a warrant and I could be arrested if I got pulled over again. Which I have not done since 11/14/1999. (Well there was that one time that The Boss Lady put her registration sticker in the glove box instead of ON THE windshield. She was in the car with me and showed the cop the sticker. He let me go with a laugh, since the wife had gotten me pulled over...)

Anyways, I have been trying to just pay the freaking thing. It just isn't worth the potential hassle over $29. But the one office that can take my payment by credit card by phone won't answer the damn phone. I called three times today and at least 10 times yesterday. Along with a few times the day I got a letter about this matter. And once or twice between then and now.

And answering the damn phone seems to be a pretty important first step to do any bidness by phone, dontchathink?

So Justice of the Peace Stiles, give me a call sometime. I am sure we can work this out without anyone getting Tasered.

Especially me.

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