Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Die Spammers!

Is anyone else getting hit with a lot of spam comments on old posts lately? This blog seems to be getting hit frequently right now. Of course, I have email notifications anytime someone comments, so I can get it deleted quickly.

The odd thing is that they are hitting posts from 6 months - a year ago, not the most recent ones.

Like anyone really is going to see it after they sear my archives over here.


Terry said...

I got hit with one!!! DAMN IT!! Since I cant get internet access everyday on the road, it just sat there festering on my comments page!!!! Yes, DIE SPAMMERS DIE!!!

KC said...

There's a plugin for Wordpress blogs that stops comments older than X days (you decide what X is). Perhaps there's something for blogger too?

lovemelikethat said...

Everything I find wonderful is, regrettably, sullied by some jerk.

I've just discovered the blogosphere, and love going into the archives of voices that seem so interesting in their present incarnation. I love commenting there, when something touches me.

Why? I find that in the older posts bloggers seem to have less of an ascerbic tongue, and guardedness of (heart?), and I love the contact. Sometimes I really need it.

But, do as you must...I love the blog name, by the way.

Mike said...

Yeah. What (s)he said.

I think.

Or should I say, what the heck?