Tuesday, June 07, 2005

It's Not MY Bedtime

I hardly ever put the kids to bed. Once The Boss Lady gets in from work, we eat dinner and play with the kids for a while or we go run some errands, then I usually hide out for a little while during bath and bedtime.

So tonight I have gotten my ass handed to me by a three year old who has memorized mommy's routine and only wants it that way. Actually, he went down pretty easily compared to Little Sister, who either is too tired and can't settle down or is teething or dinner upset her stomach or she wants more milk or the tv is too loud in the other room or the dogs are barking outside or it is too light to go to bed...

I don't have a clue. But I guarantee this ain't the first time for that.


Darth Daddy said...


I have started to go to Walmart (after the dojo) for fear of having my oldest still awake. It's a trap. He'll be defiant (when Im not home) but managable. As soon as daddy is home, I get the "DAD ME!!! DAD ..MEE MEEEE!" song.

As soon as mom goes to bed, im back on the job though. Im the one dealing with late night (after 11pm) wake ups.
Might want to get more involved with "bedtime". Something simple like reading a story, or reviewing what ya'll did that day. It might make "dad nights" more manageable.


Mike said...

I sleep like the dead, once I get to sleep. So while TBL is gone, I just sort of snooze with a tv on all night. That way I seem to wake easier.

The best part of dad nights? We usually skip baths. Don't tell the wife

Rick said...

What is a bath?