Sunday, June 26, 2005

It's No Big Deal...

The 3 year old son was getting a reward this afternoon. He did a great job helping gather toys for donation to a charity thrift store. So I thought a long ride in the truck would be super-special.

On the way home he told me "I want a special surprise, this is just a ride in the truck."

3 months of work on the old rig, wasted.


Darth Daddy said...

Cheer up. You have to look at it thru his eyes. He won't appreciate that moment till he's at least 30.

Have you allowed him to "help" you at all when you work on the truck? Maybe let him personalize it somehow - glue a Match Box car to the dash board......write his name in the engine compartment.......make him a special placard for the passenger seat (Co-Pilot, or his name on it, or something he'd get a kick out of).


Mike said...

Aww, It wasn't that bad really. I just like to whine.

It was pretty funny. An Otter Pop made his day. And I got to DRIVE MY TRUCK!

Darth Daddy said...

Isn't it amazing the efects that a well timed popsicle or sucker can have? (hehe)


Rick said...

Want some cheese with that whine?

Mike said...

Yep. American. Individually wrapped. Kraft or Velveeta. None of that crap I usually buy.