Monday, July 10, 2006

Stickin' it to the Wals

The kids and I ran to Wal-Mart this morning. We only needed three things but we had to go because we had an exchange to make. So we could not pass WM by and go to Target like usual.

No problems finding our items and the exchange was handled quickly and politely. The way I remember it being done when I worked for WMs warehouse little brother. Not wanting to ruin the best WM trip in years, I headed to the self-checkout line. That and the only cashiers were on registers #1 and 2. We were half a mile away, at register #456.

I tried to scan one item and it didn't ring up. Before I could scan it again, a cashier snatched the stuff out of my hand and scanned it over and over without success. Hell, I could have done THAT. Finally she entered the UPC numbers directly then she scanned the rest of my stuff.

All without a single word. It was creepy.

After I got everyone loaded and buckled in, I threw the bag in the car and we were almost done. I looked in the bottom of the cart and there was a pack of batteries that the super-polite cashier had not scanned.

I decided it wasn't worth dealing with her again over a $1.77, so I grabbed my ill-gotten batteries and we hit the road. If the cashier hadn't been so odd, I think I would have hauled the kids back into the store to teach a good life lesson.

But not this time.

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Darth Daddy said...

I don't know if they read "DUH" on my forehead, but once I ask the cashier fo rhelp once (like when an item refuses to scan), there's just fo gettin rid of them! They grab all my stuff, and start to ring it up for me. I've told a few "Ya knw, if I wanted someone else fondlign my shit, I'd have gone thru the regular isle..thank you anyways."

I wonder if they are that bored - if they don't think I can actually scan items and manage 2 kids at the same time - or if they think I'm gonna steal stuff.