Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I bet I opened a can of worms

When I was cruising the neighborhood, checking out every one else's junk piles, I found a treasure. A real work of art.

An 18 inch by 36 inch painting of a nude woman. On black velvet. It was sitting against the mailbox at a really nice house. And she was facing the street in all her velvety glory.

So I grabbed that painting and have now displayed it over at Law Talking Guy's house. It is hanging on his outdoor lamp, between the garage doors. Displayed like the fine piece of art that it is.

I mean, really, I would not want to mess it up. 'Cause I'll likely be seeing it again. Soon.


Mike said...

Well Maria came back late last night. But now she is riding around town in the bed of Norm's truck.

andrew Teague said...

Where is it now?

Mike said...


Maria has moved to at least three more times, but the neighborhood lawyer is hiding it I think.

Good idea, because otherwise Maria would be celebrating the arrival of their new baby in a couple of months.