Monday, December 19, 2005

A riddle for you... Ewww, YUCK!

What do you get when you cross a Ford minivan going 78 miles an hour down the interstate and an 80 pound pitbull walking across the same interstate at the same time?

Nothing good for the dog, I tell ya.

And it did not do the underside or the rear of the minivan any good either.

Dog, dead. Several times over
Rear bumper cover, split in two
Rear window, splattered
Undercarriage dented and yucky
Children, wife and teen passengers, grossed out

Gotta love a good road trip.


Rick said...

Are you sure it is dead?

Mike said...

Well, I did make the same trip again yesterday and the dog was not on the side of the road...

Mike said...

But I washed a lot of brains and guts off of the back window and undercarriage...

Mike said...

So I dunno. ANd if that dog lived, he dunno what happened either. Cause I hit him a ton.