Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Is it possible

That your brain could actually explode because you have listened to a three-year-old whine too much? I think I might be headed for an aneurysm if this boy does not get house-broken soon.

The dogs were house trained when we got them. The cats figured it out pretty quick. But The Talker? He just ain't getting it. And it makes him whine.

And that makes me whine.

And that makes The Boss Lady whine.

And then the baby whines.

What a fun afternoon. Wanna come over?


chip said...

Hey, I'll be right over as soon as my teenage daughter stops whining about her social life and how we don't have a bigger house and how we won't let her get a cell phone or spend hundreds of dollars each week on new clothes for her or have her bedroom repainted again or buy her a computer or why I never cook anything for dinner that she likes ...
Just to warn you: that might be a while.

chip said...

PS yes it is possible, so be careful

Darth Daddy said...

HEHEHE - I feel it happening with my 2 yr old, so for it to happen at age 3 doesn't suprise me.


Funny thing that I just found your blog (and this posting) - just this morning i told the 2 yr old that he needed to please stop whining - that daddy had an anurism and he was gettign ready make it go BOOM!