Saturday, August 21, 2004

Olympics Coverage

Being home last week, The Talker and I got to watch a lot of Olympics coverage. Cool! Today though, I had to cover the boy's ears during a Water Polo match because the commentator was the dumbest man alive and I did not want my son hearing the idiocy.

The commentator was talking about how much the USA Men's Water Polo team has traveled in the past year. He said something to the effect of 'They have played on every continent in the past year'.

'Impressive, I did not know there was a pool in Antartica. Bet it is indoors and heated', was what I was thinking.

The commentator tried his best to rescind the stupidity, but only made it worse.

He said "Excepting of course, Arctica and Antartica"

Well, of course they have not played in Arctica?!? They could not find the @#*&ing place. Cause it isn't a place.

I hope that dude was not a geography major in college. Spent too much time in the pool and the chlorine rotted his brain.

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