Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Fun with Pharmaceuticals

The AtHomeTrio went to the grocery store this morning. The pharmacy would not be open for 15 minutes, but AtHomeDaddy decided to wait to pick up a prescription. The photolab was also not officially opened, but that staff member took care of customers so they would not have to wait.

While we were waiting outside the gate, the cashier kept glaring at AtHomeDaddy. AHD is used to chicks checking him out when he is wearing The Princess like a Hip-Hopper's backpack, but this lady was not looking admiringly. She was already pissed and it was not even 9 AM.

When the pharmacy finally opened (a few minutes late), she had the balls to ask "Are you ready?"

I did not respond, but I wanted to say "What the #@(& do you think you @#^*ing @#(*)! Are you a @#(^ing moron, or what?"

Too bad I had my hip-hop baby on and The Talker was sitting right beside me in the race-cart, cause it would have been fun to shove those birth control pills right down that #@)%^'s throat so that she would never breed!

But hey, maybe it is just me. Maybe some of her regular customers think she is helpful and nice. (I bet they don't show up before 9 AM, though!)

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