Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Auto Painting 101

The Boss Lady is getting her car painted. The clearcoat broke through on the roof and hood earlier in the year and now the black paint job looks awful. In the process of getting the car ready to paint, AtHomeDaddy priced having 4 pieces of trim replaced, one on each door - just under the window. $300 installed! $300 for 44 inches of black plastic glued to rolled aluminum.

TBL challenged AHD to find a cheaper fix for the door, so out came the paper, tape, primer and black spray paint and off came the plastic trim The newly painted trim actually looks decent. We shall see how well it holds up through the painting and afterwards.

For the $6 spent, AHD could touch up the painted trim every other weekend for almost two years and break even. Hopefully by then someone else will be trying to figure out why this stuff was painted and not replaced. But in the end, it is still an Escort Station Wagon, no matter how much trim or paint!

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