Friday, May 16, 2008

If you can't laugh at yourself, laugh at the homeless guy

I usually reserve this site for stuff that just bugs the heck out of me. Yesterday I saw something that did not bother me, it entertained me for the time I was waiting at a red light. But the story just doesn't fit over on AtHomeDaddy.

The Princess and I were sitting at a red light. And a panhandler/homeless guy was standing on the corner. At first he had a stack of old real estate signs and the business logos were showing. Then he started flipping them over, one at a time.

Lear Jet needs new upholstery. Social standing in jeopardy!

Why live in a $200,000 house when you can live under a $20,000,000 bridge?

Let's be honest. I like beer. '62 Dom is nice, too. But I am not picky.

Road Rage? Yell at a homeless guy for $.50 OBO.

I have never rolled down the window for these guys. But I gotta tell you, if The Princess had not been in the car, I would have slipped this guy a buck or two. No chance though, with the girl in the car.


Ron said...

...thanks for laughin' at me... I made a solid $4.50 after taxes...

I'm glad someone out there is claiming the ADHDaddy title for the rest of us out there.

Terry said...

I once saw a panhandler/homeless guy in Oklahoma whom I felt compelled to donate to. His sign simply stated "Why LIE? I want booze!!"