Friday, February 29, 2008

Let's hope he/she isn't a mommy/daddy

I think I have a new nemesis. The slightly androgynous, but mostly female, bagger at the new grocery store. Two days in a row she has asked about The Princess.

Yesterday went something like this:
"How old is he? 10?"
"Who? HER? She is 3!"
"Wow, she is big. What grade is he in?"
"That is OK. I'll carry the groceries out myself."

Today's trip did not start off any closer to reality, even though The Princess was wearing enough pink to camouflage herself at a Victoria's Secret. You just can't see the pink pants, pink socks or pink and white shoes in this pic...

The carryout person started off strong, but wrong. "So he is 3, huh?"
"Yep. SHE is 3."
"Oh he is a girl?"
"No, it is fine. I can carry out my own groceries."

After this exchange, I am assuming this person at the store is an expert in confusing gender roles. Thus the dangling earrings and hiking boots he/she wears.


Terry said...

Yes, but remember most of her/his guy friends probably look more femine than he/she does....

simply j. said...

am i/you as confused as everyone/all you are? actually she/he does look a lot older than 3/10.