Thursday, March 08, 2007

Well, that did not last long...

I was blogging elsewhere about being nice to people. And then the cable company emailed me. And I just don't think is possible for me to be nice to them any more.

They have an underground line buried in our backyard. And I have to give them access to it when it needs repair or replacement, but they just have to go and be stupid about it all the damn time.

See, I sent this 2 weeks ago:
On Feb 7 Time Warner Service ran a new line for my neighbors service and left the wire laying on the grass. It has been laying in my grass for 19 days. I need to be contacted about when this wire will be buried, so that I can properly secure my yard and pets.

By the way, there will be no access to my yard for any work crews from March 8th - March 20th.
I got an instant email back, saying they would reply within 3 days. Who in the hell gives employees 3 days to respond to customer service emails? And now, two weeks later I get this:
Thank you for your customer service inquiry. I apologize for the delayed response and for any inconvenience this may have caused. I scheduled an appointment for the first available date in April. On Monday, April 2nd, between 8am-12pm a tech will be out to bury the line in your yard. Please give me a call or send me an email if this is not a convenient time...
Another month to wait? I fired off this:
What a crock. It has taken two weeks to get a response AND the cable has lay in my yard for 3 weeks BEFORE that! AND you can't get a crew out until April? I am glad I am no longer a customer, because this would be the end of our relationship!

Did I tell you I loves me some DirecTV?
I guess I made her laugh or made her mad, because I got another response almost instantly:

I scheduled the appointment for April because you stated you would not be available to provide access to your yard since you were going to be gone in March. I can schedule an earlier appointment if you will be available to secure your pets and make sure the technician has access. Please let me know when would be a convenient time for you.
So I decided that I had wasted enough time on this and fired off a last shot:

No thanks.

I am just highly annoyed that an email response took two weeks. This job could have, and should have, been finished for 5 weeks if the first tech had just done his job.
It would be nice if someone from the company actually took an interest in this and tried to keep it from happening again. But we are not customers, because of crap like this. I might send an email or two, but won't waste any more real time on it.


Terry said...

Got to love those customer service folks!!! I freakin hate the auto-response "someone will get back with you, when they give a damn!!!"

Rick said...

I think you should cut the damn cable.

Mike said...

We haven't EVER had cable. We hve a sat dish and no wires outside the house.

PLus, the cable tht was running to the house IS cut.
It was in the way when we re-sided the house, so it got snipped at the ground.

Myrtle Hocklemeier said...

We have the same problem with this company for the same reasons. I planted roses that have overgrown and now completely surround their cable box.

Had they set their cable back five feet it would have been on "public" property. Behind our house is a very wide expanse of grass reserved as a right of way. But instead down the entire length of that right of way they chose to lay the cable across the fenced yards of homeowners. I still wonder how a private company got the legal right to my property.