Monday, May 02, 2005

The Doodlebops are Forever Banished

I admit we watch a lot of TV. The Talker and I both like our television time. But today we watched a show that will never again be seen in this house. The Doodlebops.

It is some messed up stuff. I let the boy watch this show, instead of The Wiggles, which wasn't on for another 90 minutes. He did not know what to think. I asked if he wanted to keep watching and he answered "I think so...".

I was completely weirded out by the costumes. Those hands are messed up. I bet I have nightmares about these guys for months. CREEPY!


Darth Daddy said...

I blogged about them not too long ago. They look like a psychodelic throw back to the Bugaboos (Kroft superstar show).

The drummer (Mo) I could almost swear is Nev Cambell, the girl is kinda cute, and the blue guy is gayer then a 3 dollar bill.

We watch as long as the boy likes them, but I agree - they sure are weird.


Mike said...

The ban has already been shattered. I went to the bathroom and The Talker turned on the TV. The Doodlebops were on. Luckily, one for one song, between shows.