Thursday, April 07, 2005

Three Days?

The weather has been great here for the past half of a week. But this morning, I got up and realized that allgery season is here. I confirmed what my head and nose were telling me, when I went outside. The yellow glow of cedar pollen is now sticking to everything in sight.

So we got to play outside like crazy for three days. Now, we might not be out again until it is 130 degrees, in the middle of July. At least then, the pollen will have gone away and the wind won't be blowing tree by-products all over. Of course, that is about the time that smoke starts blowing in from Mexico. So then we have to stay inside for the rest of the summer, while Mexican farmers burn the remnants of their spring crops. Viva la smoke!

Stupid air. Who needs it?


Darth Daddy said...

Hehe mexican farmers buring crops - I have an infestation of red necks behind me that always burn leaves - and tree limbs - and anything else tha tthey are too cheap to fit into a garbage bag. Just ONCE I wish the wind would blow towards THEIR house - I have a few tires that I could spare in retribution.


Anonymous said...

Oak pollen, dear. Remember, the layers of yellow dust in the fall are cedar. Early spring yellow dust is the result of oak pollen. And yes, both your angels are allergic to BOTH.