Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Daddies are Good for SOMETHING...

After The AtHomeTrio got home from the Pediatrician's office, the pharmacy and the grocery store this morning, It was 30 minutes past time for The Princess to have her first bottle. As long as she was moving, she is content and never missed the bottle.

As soon as we got home, I got the bottle out of the fridge and gave it a good shake. Too bad you don't have a picture of my face as most of the milk, breastmilk mind you, flew out of the bottle and hit me in the face. YUCK!

Hey TBL, screw the lid on next time, OK?

Once I recovered AND changed my shirt, I was set to feed The Princess, again. While feeding her, my lap got nice and wet. I thought that I had cracked the bottle while freaking out about the earlier spill. NOPE!

This time, The Princess had something wet to share with her favorite guy. Seems like AtHomeDaddy forgot to close up the diaper at the end of the Dr's visit.

Once I recovered AND changed my pants, I was set to feed The Princess, again...

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